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3hr Island RIB Trip

The Island Trip includes one hour ashore on one of the scenic islands in Loch Roag. For the first part of this trip we take you on a cruise to look at the wildlife, seals and birds, before choosing a suitable landing place for you to go ashore and explore the island, usually Little Bernera or Pabbay. Landing involves climbing off and on the tube at the front of the boat onto the beach, so passengers should be aware that we would not advise this trip if you have restricted mobility. Many of these remote islands were previously inhabited leaving a rich legacy of oral tradition. Your time ashore gives you the opportunity to picnic with your family on a deserted beach, or walk over hills that offer you spectacular views, before your return journey.

Little Bernera (Scottish Gaelic: Bearnaraigh Beag)
Little Bernera lies between the sea lochs of West and East Loch Roag, immediately to the north of Great Bernera. The island rises to a height of 42m (137 feet) and has an area of 138 ha.   

A few centuries ago, the island was the place where people of the surrounding villages were buried, before a cemetery was built in that village. Today, gravestones can still be seen on the island, though they are beginning to disappear into the ground. At Traigh an Teampaill, there is a ruined chapel and small graveyard.

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Adult – £60
Child Under 12 -£50