FAQ’s for Wildlife Cruise & RIB Trips

FAQ’s for Wildlife Cruise & RIB Trips

Payment. The price of all our trips are detailed on our website and full payment is required when booking.

Our RIB trips are prepaid when using our Online Booking System, or paid when booking over the phone. For all of our trips we require a contact telephone number for when you are on the Island, normally a mobile. If you have limited or no mobile signal where you are staying, PLEASE ensure you contact our office before your trip to ensure there are no changes (normally due to the weather!)

Refunds. If we are unable to run your booked trip any deposits/payments are returned in full. Please see our Terms & Conditions for further details of our cancellation policy.

Location. All of our trips depart from Miavaig, Uig, Isle of Lewis, please see our Contact Us page.

Which day. We can normally run our RIB and Wildlife Cruise trips to schedule, however, if the weather is poor, we often have to change the route and this can often be just before departure due to our very changeable Hebridean weather and sea conditions. If we cannot go out to sea we can usually run our Sea Eagles and Lagoon trip, which is in the more sheltered waters of West Loch Roag.

Weather/Cancellations. In the event of us being unable to run our trips, normally due to adverse weather conditions, or due to any unforeseen circumstances, any deposits/payments will be returned in full. If you are available for a trip later in the week then we will try and accommodate you should there be spaces available, the more flexibility you have the better. We do try and make decisions on trips the day before, however, on some occasions we will ask passengers to meet at the pier in the morning and a decision will be made there by the skipper.

Best time to visit. We generally get our better spells of weather early on in the summer, but in previous seasons this has also been the period where we have had our worst spells of weather. The weather in the Hebrides is very changeable and can see us cancelling trips at short notice, at any stage of the season. So I’m afraid it is impossible for us to advise on a ‘best time’ of the season.

Toilets. There are public toilets available at our office, and there is a toilet on board our vessel Lochlann, for the day trips.

Clothing. For all our trips please wear warm, waterproof clothing, and appropriate footwear. We do have waterproofs you are welcome to borrow. Seatrek supply your lifejacket.

Children. All of our RIB and Wildlife Cruise trips are suitable for any age. If you are unsure, however, please contact us if you require further details.

Age limit. We do not have an upper age limit on passengers. However, some of the landings on our islands, whether on a RIB trip or Wildlife Cruise trip, does require passengers to be fit and well and have a good degree of mobility to land. It is entirely at the Skippers discretion as to whether he thinks it is safe to land Passengers. If unsure please contact us to discuss.

Pets. Due to the ecological fragility of our islands and the marine and bird life, there are very strictly no pets allowed. We do have a kennel and run at our cabin, which passengers are welcome to use for their dogs.

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