Author: Ken Macleod

Sea Eagles & Lagoon

2hr Sea Eagles and Lagoon RIB Trip

The Sea Eagles and Lagoon trip leaves the jetty at Miavaig, in Uig, most days throughout the summer. We head out Loch Roag and past the village of Reef entering Little Loch Roag to look for otters, often seen foraging on the shoreline. Sea Eagles frequently patrol this area and[Read More…]

2hr Gallan Head RIB Trip

Enjoy a scenic 2 hour RIB trip to Gallan Head taking in the stunning views of Reef Beach, Pabbay, and Cliff bay, sailing past the archway to see the Kittiwakes which nest precariously close to the edge of the cliffs. Gallan Head is the most north westerly point of the[Read More…]

3hr Wildlife Cruise on Motor Cruiser

This 3hr Wildlife Cruise navigates Uig’s stunning coastline on our Motor Cruiser MV Lochlann.The clear blue Atlantic waters provide a great feeding ground for marine mammals. Seals (both grey and common), various types of dolphin, porpoise, Minke Whales and even the elusive Sunfish can be seen here. The local bird[Read More…]

3hr Island RIB Trip

The Island Trip includes one hour ashore on one of the scenic islands in Loch Roag. For the first part of this trip we take you on a cruise to look at the wildlife, seals and birds, before choosing a suitable landing place for you to go ashore and explore[Read More…]