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This group of islands is the most remote in the British Isles, 40 miles from the nearest land. St Kilda has awe-inspiring scenery with the highest sea cliffs in Britain (Conachar) at 1400ft and the highest sea stacks (Stac an Armin and Stac Lee) at 643ft and 564ft. St Kilda is a World Heritage Site owned by the National Trust for Scotland; it is also a Scheduled Ancient Monument, National Scenic Area, Site of Scientific Special interest and European Union Special Protection area. All these titles by themselves indicate that these islands at the edge of the world are special indeed.

Cruising around Boreray reveals the largest gannetry in the world. The air and cliffs are thick with birds: gannets, skuas and fulmars- a sight that has to be seen to be believed.

St. Kilda was continuously inhabited from the Bronze Age until the last St Kildan’s were evacuated in 1930, leaving behind everything they had known. As you walk down the street in Village Bay you’ll visit restored cottages, the church, school, feather house and museum. You may also spot the St. Kildan wren and mouse; both sub-species unique to the island and Soay sheep, which graze all over the island. Rising up the slopes behind Village Bay are dotted hundreds of cleits, small stone storage huts.

You will never forget your visit to these historic islands. This trip gives you at least 3 hours ashore Hirta- the main island- ample time to explore, before re-boarding Lochlann for the cruise round the stacks, and then homeward.

The day involves up to 8 hours in the boat so is for the more adventurous passenger and not recommended for those under 12 years old. Bring warm clothing, sensible shoes, cameras and lunch- hot drinks are available on board.

Please reserve 2 days for your trip, as if we are unable to sail the first day we aim to go the second.

Booking linkTrip cost per person £190