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On the Edge, St.Kilda

FAQ’s for St Kilda


Payment. The price of our St Kilda trip for 2017 is £190 per person, with a deposit of £95 required to reserve your booking, the balance is paid on the day of your trip, which can be by card or cash. We require a contact telephone number, normally a mobile, so we can contact you the day before your trip, to advise which day the trip will run.

Landing fee. The National Trust for Scotland charge a landing fee of £5 per passenger and the boat operators collect this fee on their behalf, this fee is added onto your deposit when you make a reservation. This is not an admission fee and as such NTS members are not exempt from paying it, NTS have assured us that this fee will only be used for conservation works on St.Kilda, and the upkeep and maintenance of the facilities.

Refunds. If we are unable to run your booked trip deposits/payments are returned in full, including your NTS landing fee, this will usually be done to the card you paid with. Please see our Terms & Conditions for further details of our cancellation policy.

Location. All of our trips depart from Miavaig, Uig, Isle of Lewis, please see our Getting Here page.

Which day? For St Kilda, we never look further ahead than the next day, as such we are unable to advise passengers any further in advance of this. We will notify you as to which day your trip is running by sending an SMS message to your supplied number(s), we find this is the best method of contacting passengers and we will be in touch with you the day prior to your two day window to let you know which day we are looking at – as such we do require mobile numbers, your numbers will be used for no other purpose than to notify you of your trip.

Weather/Cancellations. In the event of us being unable to run our trips, normally due to adverse weather conditions, but also due to any other unforeseen circumstances, deposits/payments will be returned in full. If you are available for a trip later in the week then we will try and accommodate you should there be spaces available, the more availability you have the better. We do try and make decisions on trips they day before, however, on some occasions, we will ask passengers to meet at the pier in the morning and a decision will be made there by the skipper.

Best time to visit. We generally get our better spells of weather early on in the summer, but in previous seasons this has also been the period where we have had our worst spells of weather. The weather in the Hebrides is very changeable and can see us cancelling trips at short notice, at any stage of the season. So I’m afraid it is impossible for us to advise on a ‘best time’ of the season, especially when booking a trip to St Kilda.

Toilets. There are public toilets available on St Kilda but there is a toilet on board our boat.

Food. There are NO catering outlets of any kind on St Kilda. Passengers must ensure that they bring their own food and drink with them for the day. Tea and coffee will be provided aboard the boat and on your return to it in the afternoon.

Clothing. For all our trips please wear warm, waterproof clothing, and appropriate footwear. We do have waterproofs that you can borrow if required. Parts of St Kilda are very exposed and as a consequence passengers are strongly advised to dress appropriately. If you choose to spend time on the deck of the boat during the journey this can also be very cold. Warm, waterproof clothing is essential as is sturdy footwear. Life jackets are supplied by Seatrek.

Once upon a time St.Kilda.

Maps. You will be given a map of St Kilda, and a guide to the island before you disembark, you will also be met by the NTS ranger for a short safety brief on the Island.

Camping trips. Camping on St.Kilda is allowed, but spaces on the campsite are limited and permission is required from the National Trust of Scotland to camp on the Island. You would have to contact the Trust yourself. Camping trips have to work around our two-day windows and require seats booked on two separate trips, as such this is a double fare. You also must be fully aware that the trip planned for your return journey could be cancelled due to the weather or lack of numbers, and you could be stuck out there for longer than planned. Please contact us directly about a camping trip.

Children. Children are permitted to travel to and from St. Kilda provided they are accompanied by an adult. We advise that parents/guardians give due consideration before taking a child on this journey and we would not recommend that children under the age of 12 travel. Please contact us if you require further details.

Age limit. Whilst we operate a policy of not recommending the St.Kilda trip for children under the age of 12, we do not have an upper age limit on passengers. However, the St.Kilda trip, and St.Kilda itself does require passengers to be fit and well and have a good degree of mobility to partake in this trip. If unsure please contact us to discuss.

Pets. Due to the ecological fragility of St Kilda, there are very strictly no pets allowed. We do have a kennel and run at our cabin, which passengers are welcome to use for their dogs.

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